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Sushi is the combination of rice with fish. It became the symbol of Japanese cuisine, and the basic ingredients are the most important elements of food in Japan.
Japanese cuisine is one of the most appreciated cuisine worldwide. Today, it is a reference in healthy and tasty food.
Our restaurant offers the best that you can taste in Japan. From Sushi to Sashimi, we also have a wide range of dishes.
We started in 2007 in Teleiras (Lisbon), and our network already spans over 5 cities in Portugal, as well as Spain. We are not satisfied and will continue with our full effort in the expansion of our new brand "SUSHICOME" nationwide.

" We have the dream, but things do not happen ... so we evolve. "


Portugal Sede:
Rua Manuel da Fonseca, Loja 8/B. 1600-056 Laranjeiras (Lisboa)

Spnia Sede:
Calle Alcorcon 28, 28982 Parla (Madrid)
+351 217 273 427

+34 912 680 975